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Common Myths About Bed Bugs

Geiger's Pest Services

Bed bugs are small pests that tend to get inside the crevices of your mattress and box springs. They can also get into the crevices of the cushions on your furniture, such as chairs and couches. You’ve probably heard things about bed bugs that might seem like they would be true, but they are often a myth that has been created to frighten people about the bug. 

One myth is that you can’t see bed bugs. While they are small and can be difficult to see, you can detect their presence by closely looking at white areas of your mattress and box springs and in the crevices of your bed. The bugs look like black or brown specs. You usually won’t be able to see the eggs or the baby bed bugs, but the adults are usually fairly easy to detect. 

Many people think that bed bugs live in places that are dirty and unsanitary. Bed bugs like dirt, which is why they enjoy being on your bed and on furniture. They enjoy the dead skin cells and the dirt that is on the body. They also want warmth and blood. Dirty areas that are filled with clutter tend to offer more places for them to hide, especially during the day. Another myth that goes along with the dirty environment is that bed bugs spread diseases. There isn’t any kind of release that states that bed bugs spread illnesses. Bed bugs can bite you, leaving behind a red spot on the skin. 

You’ve probably heard that bed bugs don’t like bright lights. While they don’t enjoy the brightness during the day or a bright light at night, they will come out from their hiding places to seek food if necessary. Most people think that pesticides will get rid of bed bugs. They can help, but you need to use a few different methods to get rid of bed bugs. Washing your bedding and any stuffed animals or pillows in bleach can help to kill bed bugs as well as drying them in the hottest heat possible.

Geiger’s Pest Services can come to the home to use products to help eliminate your bed bug problem that you currently have as well as any issues you have in the future.