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What is a WDO Inspection?

Geiger's Pest Services

If you have recently been informed that you might need a WDO inspection, you may have a lot of questions surrounding this topic. What is a WDO inspection? When might a homeowner need to have a WDO inspection performed? The following paragraphs have been designed to answer these important questions and provide more general information on this topic. 

What is a WDO Inspection?

WDO is an acronym that stands for wood-destroying organisms. There are a variety of pests that can damage the wood throughout your home or shed. Termites are the most familiar type of wood-destroying organism. There are also several other insects and fungi that can infect your wood structures. 

Left untreated, wood-destroying organisms can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to the walls, ceilings, floors, and other internal structures of your home. If you suspect you have a termite problem, you should schedule a WDO inspection immediately. 

When are WDO Inspections Needed? 

WDO inspections may be needed if you see visible signs of a termite infestation or if you feel you may have wood destroying organisms in your home. If you are considering purchasing a new home, it is essential to have a WDO inspection performed before finalizing your purchase. Some homeowners also prefer to make WDO inspections a regular part of their home maintenance and pest control solutions. When it comes to wood destroying organisms, you can never act too soon. The longer these pests are left untreated, the more extensive the damage becomes. 

What Information Does a WDO Report Provide? 

During a WDO inspection, special tools are used to help a pest control specialist visualize what is going on inside your walls. A WDO report will let you know if there are currently any live termites inside your walls. It will also provide information on whether there have ever been past infestations of wood-destroying organisms in your home. The report will detail any existing damage done by the wood-destroying organisms as well. A clear report indicates that there was no visual evidence of any live infestations at the time of the inspection. 

Is a Termite Infestation Serious? 

Termites do not bite and are not usually even seen or noticed by homeowners. However, they remain one of the most serious threats to your home. Termites and other wood-destroying organisms are so serious because of the extent of the damage they can cause. It is estimated that termites alone cause billions of dollars worth of structural damage to homes and offices each year. This damage is very costly and time consuming to repair. Additionally, if your floors and ceilings begin to cave in due to internal damage caused by termites, you or your loved ones could also be injured. It is vital to treat wood destroying organisms promptly. 

Geiger’s Pest Services has been providing effective pest control solutions to Florida residents for many years. We provide complete WDO inspections, as well as treatment options for any type of pest you could find yourself faced with. If you are in need of a termite inspection or are experiencing issues with other types of pests, contact Geiger’s Pest Services today for a quote.