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What Does Fumigation Entail?

Geiger's Pest Services

Sometimes a pest infestation gets extremely out of control in your home. When it reaches serious levels, pest control professionals may suggest fumigation as a solution to kill the insects. Some pests, such as termites and roaches, multiply by the thousands and spread throughout an interior. Fumigation works to reach the pests deep inside your home, killing them before they can do further harm. 

How Fumigation Works

Prepare the home.

Because fumigation affects the entire interior space, it’s important to remove everyone from the property, including every pet, plant and food item. All the drawers and cabinet doors should be open, and all the exit doors and windows should be closed. The fumigator will post warning signs and take care of sealing the home and preventing the gas from seeping through to the outside.

Fumigate the interior. 

With the prep work completed, the fumigator will pump the gas into your home. This process can last for a few hours or a week depending on the severity of the infestation. Inclement weather, house size and other factors can affect the time frame. A professional fumigator will discuss everything with you before the fumigation begins.

Ventilate for re-entry.

Once the fumigation has completed, the fumigator will use a ventilation system to air out your home. This step can take a while and will prevent you from re-entering the interior. Afterward, the fumigator will test the air quality in your home by taking air samples, which will indicate whether or not it’s safe for everyone to enter. Once it’s safe, the fumigator will allow everyone inside, including the pets and other items that you took when you left.

Treat Pests With Fumigation From Geiger’s

Fumigation is an effective way to treat termites, roaches and other invasive pests. It can also kill numerous pest species at once that have taken up residence inside your home. Geiger’s Pest Services wants to protect your home from insect pests. Our experienced pest control technicians will inspect your home and evaluate the situation. We’ll create a custom pest management program that is specifically tailored to your needs and eliminate the pests completely and efficiently.