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When It’s Time to Fumigate Your Home

Geiger's Pest Services

Fumigation is a significant undertaking in pest control, and most of the time your pest control needs can be resolved in other ways by using other means. A full structural fumigation requires specific conditions to present, and any fumigation should only be performed with a licensed exterminator on hand to monitor safety conditions. The primary drawback to fumigation is that it requires completely evacuating the building and applying copious amounts of highly toxic chemicals. You can make an informed decision about the need to fumigate your home due to the verified presence of the following pest species:

Drywood Termites

Most of the structural fumigations performed in the United States today are implemented to get rid of drywood termites. These hardy pests work their way deep into the walls, floors, and ceilings of homes and businesses, and they can live for years on almost any organic material.

Upholstery fabric, drywall, wall supports, and anything else termites can access is slowly eaten away, and it can be months or even years before the business or homeowner is even aware the structure of their building has an infestation. Over time, the damage done by drywood termites can render a structure uninhabitable and cause a partial or total collapse.

Due to their deep burrowing nature and rapid population growth, the most effective method for getting rid of drywood termites is fumigating the entire building, which wipes out the entire population and sterilizes any fertilized eggs that may be waiting to hatch.

Powderpost Beetle Infestation

Some beetles serve a useful purpose in many ecosystems, but powderpost beetles can wreak havoc on any building that uses wooden supports. These tiny pests subsist on wood fibers, which means they are great at breaking down fallen tree limbs and old growth. In a dwelling or place of business, they can cause serious structural damage that may or may not be repairable.

Bed Bugs

Another pest that can cause damage to furniture and bedding in your home, bed bugs also have a tendency to bite sleeping humans and can carry diseases. Due to their rapid life cycle and population growth, getting rid of bed bugs for good can actually require tenting the structure to keep the toxic pest killer concentrated inside the building, thereby wiping out a bed bug infestation.

Got a Serious Bug Problem?

If you live in or around St. Pete and Tampa, Florida and think you may have an infestation that needs fumigation, call Geiger’s Pest Services. We have the experienced personnel and equipment needed to help you prepare for fumigation and safely get rid of those pesky, stubborn bugs. Give Geiger’s Pest Services a call or visit our website today for more information.