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Pest Control

Our proven pest control methods can help keep your home and family safe from pests that commonly occur here in the Tampa Bay Area. We currently offer several environmentally friendly pest control services to cater to your specific needs.

Bimonthly, monthly, and quarterly services

Geiger’s Pest Services, Inc. offers services that are tailored to your needs. Our services start with an inside and outside spray. Then we focus on the exterior to ensure the barrier we created stays effective on a schedule that works for you.

Interior Upon Request

This policy is designed to allow us to manage your pest control services. If you are having any issues inside, give us a call and we’ll treat at no charge to you.

  • Available for Commercial and Residential properties
  • Fully warrantied and annual agreement
  • Integrated pest management

Bed Bugs

15951457 mBedbugs are infesting the United States. If bedbug infestations are extensive, an immediate eradication is required. The best solution is structural or containment fumigation using Vikane Gas. This treatment has been used throughout the country on hospitals, nursing homes, museums, and government facilities. The advantage of fumigation over other treatments is that it only takes one application to eliminate all bedbugs including the difficult egg stage

  • Adults are about ¼ inch long and reddish brown to dark brown in color.
  • Bed Bugs have oval flattened bodies that make it easy for them to hide in the tiniest of cracks (the thickness of a business card).
  • Bed Bugs will crawl 20 feet or more for a blood meal.
  • Bed Bugs spread easily by "Hitchhiking" on people, clothing and luggage.
  • Females lay one to five eggs per day and 200 to 500 eggs in a lifetime.
  • Development into an adult can be completed in just five weeks. Eggs and newly hatched nymphs are pale and very tiny (about the size of a pinhead) and are difficult to see.
  • Signs of infestation include bloodstained fecal smears on light colored surfaces such as curtains, bedding and walls.

Click here to find out more about fumigation for bed bugs.


24242000 sHoneybees should be considered Africanized and need to be treated as aggressive. African Honeybees may attack anything or anyone that pose a threat to their hive. Geiger’s Pest Services, Inc. has highly trained technicians who specialize in controlling and exterminating all Honeybees.

  • Geiger's has a bee specialist on staff - no subcontractors.
  • Do not try and treat any bee hive yourself
  • After treatment has been established, the bees, hive, and hive material MUST be removed to ensure there is no re-infestation

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