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Geiger’s Pest Services Has a New Look

Geiger's Pest Services

INTRODUCING…Geiger’s Pest Services has a new look! After almost 20 years of business, we decided to refresh our company looks – and we’re thrilled! We are still the same family-owned and operated business and we will continue to provide the same great service our team has delivered to our customers for years. Our updated brand now reflects the important values that we stand behind. Read on to learn more about our new logo and what it means to us.

The Story Behind the Logo

The rebranding of Geiger’s Pest Services started with defining the company values. Rooted in those values is a strong desire to protect. Gary and Julie Geiger once dedicated their lives to serving and protecting our country as proud members of the United States Air Force. They continue that same passion today through the protection of many Tampa Bay families, homes and businesses. Maintaining the patriotic red, white and blue coloring of the original brand, Geiger’s chose a company icon that visually portrayed these core values. The icon is: – A family crest to represent a family-owned and operated business since the year 2000 – A shield that speaks to the honor and protection of homes, families and businesses. The logo font or text styling is simple, modern, and indicative of a new era while reminiscent of a classic style. As the Geiger children enter the business, they bring with them a new generation. A generation that is grounded in deep family history and mastery; and continued interest in quality customer care and pest management.

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