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Don't Bring Bed Bugs Home This Summer

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People from all backgrounds and walks of life look forward to the summer months, and they often plan vacations during this time of the year. If you have been on vacation or plan to take a trip, you will want to be on the lookout for bedbugs so that you don't bring them back home with you. If you enter an area that is infested with the pests, they can get into your clothes and bags, and you won't even know that they are there. Luckily, you can prevent that problem by following a plan and remaining vigilant, and you will be pleased with the outcome. Isolate Your Belongings Isolating your clothes and personal belongings as soon as you arrive at your hotel room or a relative’s home is a smart move. Bedbugs like to hide in furniture, beds and carpet, and you won’t always see them until it’s too...
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